Latest Outdoor Accessories

The Latest Outdoor Accessories

Whether you’re out walking the dog come rain or shine or navigating all terrains when out shooting, you’ll need good quality walking accessories to keep you comfortable and performing at your best.

If you tend to go out in boggy conditions, our range of gaiters are an invaluable bit of outdoor walking gear. Made from extra tough fabric, our gaiters will give you complete protection, even when walking through rough terrain. What’s more, they also benefit from being waterproof, breathable, and windproof, so they’ll keep you warm and dry.

For those that love nothing better than getting out in the country for a day’s hike, our Ta-Da® seat sticks are the perfect walking accessory. Functioning as a walking stick when you want it, this clever stick also converts into a sturdy tripod seat at the simple twist of a button. Incredibly lightweight, these are also great for use when doing outdoor sports or for simply sitting down to take in an amazing view.

If you’re guilty of slinging your muddy boots into your car after use and have a boot that resembles a bog, check out our range of wellington and walking boot carriers. Our selection includes tall wellington and shorter hiking boot bags made from tough nylon waterproof fabric. As an added benefit they fold flat when not in use, so you can easily store them when you need the extra space.

Outdoor Accessories FAQs

Gaiters are used to protect your lower leg from moisture and debris when out hiking or walking. They’re also great for keeping you warm and dry under rainy or snowy conditions.

Always put your gaiters on the outside of your trouser leg, placing the stirrup strap under your walking boots, towards the front of the heel. Once you’ve done this, carefully zip your gaiters up and fasten any straps. Finally, adjust the cord at the top and make sure your gaiters feel snug and comfortable, but not tight and restrictive.

Those walking sticks you see hikers using are actually called trekking or hiking poles and they’re basically ski poles with a handle on. They’re most often used in pairs, but you can also get something known as a hiking staff which is just one single pole.

Trekking or hiking poles are great for sharing the load of your weight evenly across your whole body. They can also help to protect your knees from the impact of walking and increase your walking speed too.

Yes, they can and should be too! Carefully clean the outside of your wellies with a rag soaked in warm water with some washing up liquid. For your soles you can use a soft-bristled scrubbing brush. Once clean, make sure you rinse your wellies down well, dry with a towel and then apply some boot restorer and protective spray to protect the rubber and keep it supple and flexible.

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