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From keeping your shotgun, rifle, or airgun spotless to premium pellets and scopes – and even great gifts for any shooter – we have it all here in our range of shooting accessories and equipment.

We stock a wide range of shooting equipment and accessories for all your needs. If you’re looking for products to keep your shotgun, rifle, or airgun clean and in good working order, look no further than our selection. We have a comprehensive selection of quality cleaning products such as cloths, oils, gels, sprays, lube, and grease, all available at great prices.

At Farm Cottage Brands, we know how important ear protection is while shooting, we stock a fantastic range of ear protection. Discover options from Swatcom, the premier designer and manufacturer of ear defenders, including their newly developed SWATCOM Active8 water resistant (IP67) headsets which are used for Military, Police Operations as well as Professional Shooters. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more simplistic option for occasional visits to the clay shooting grounds, we also have ear plugs and slimline ear defenders.

In addition to this, we have a selection of eye protection on offer which provide excellent protection against chips, dust, bits, and debris. Our safety shooting glasses boast adjustable arms and come in clear, smoke, and yellow, so you can choose the best fit for your purpose and match to weather conditions.

On top of offering a fantastic range of protective equipment, we also have a selection of shooting accessories available. We have a great variety of targets which include adhesive splatter targets ideal for zeroing and fun competitions, to spinners and field target holders - the answer to zeroing on the move. Also see our variety of license holders which includes stylishly simple in addition more humorous options, perfect for storing your license at home or while travelling.

Don’t forget to check out our offering of gun security too and keep your firearm safe from opportunists with our range of combination and keyed trigger locks, compatible with shotguns, pistols, and airguns.

Shooting accessories FAQs

For example, a “3-9x40WR” scope means that you can adjust the magnification from 3 to 9 times and the objective lens (the one nearest the target) is 40mm wide. “WR” means it come with rings, these are the scope mounts (check to ensure they fit your rifle).

A 4x32WR scope is a fixed 4 times magnification with a 32mm objective lens and the WR means it comes with the scope mounts.

AO = Adjustable Objective, IR = Illuminated Reticule, SWF = Side Wheel Focus.

If you’re mainly target shooting or ratting and rabbiting up to 50 yards, one of our fixed 4x magnification scopes would be ideal. You can still use the rapid focus at the eye end to fine tune what you see.

If you’re mainly target shooting up to 100 yards, going for larger game (foxes/muntjac) or rabbits further away and in woodland where you need a better view, one of our 3 – 9 magnification scopes would be a good choice.

For shooting up to 200 yards, look for our 4-12 magnification scopes.

We like bore snakes for a quick clean when we’ve just finished at the range or after a day’s game shooting or clay shooting, then the gun can go in the slip.

A rod with a mop and brush gives the best clean though – in particular the mop with oil sprayed around it will ensure all of the barrel has a light coat of oil.

If you want to use your air rifle for target shooting, a .177 / 4.5mm calibre is better. The pellets are cheaper, and their velocity will be higher.

For hunting and rodent control, .22 / 5.5mm is better. The pellets will pack more energy to give a clean kill.

The choice of pellet is up to you and what works best. Different pellets work differently in different airguns because of the velocity, barrel length and rifling. The only way to tell is by trying a range of pellets until you find one you’re comfortable with and works well for you.

If you live in England or Wales and own an air rifle with a muzzle energy level of 12ft lb or less, or an air pistol with a muzzle energy of 6ft lb or less, you don’t need a licence. However, the law is different in Scotland and Northern Ireland where you will need a licence to own any airgun. A firearms certificate air rifle – known as an FAC air rifle – is over 12ft lb in power, meaning that the owner needs to have a firearms certificate to own one wherever you live in the UK.

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