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Whether you’re looking for a gift for an outdoor enthusiast or an accessory to brighten up your outfit, we’ve got a wide range of country clothing accessories to suit all tastes.

At Farm Cottage Brands, we stock a variety of traditional and contemporary country clothing accessories, perfect for the modern gentleman. We have a selection of elegant bow ties and ties to showcase your unique interests thanks to their variety of patterns which includes everything from tractors to golfers. Not to mention we also boast an offering of adjustable braces, ideal for subtly donning beneath your shooting jacket or proudly wearing over the top of your favourite shirt.

Our range of country clothing accessories also includes collar stiffeners which will ensure your collar is always smart, perfect for wearing whilst shooting or at a formal event. If you’re looking for formal country clothing accessories, don’t forget to check out our extensive selection of cufflinks. All available in a stunning display box, our cufflinks come in a variety of themes from horse racing to game birds to even fishing. If you love to match, we also stock a selection of tie and cufflink sets which make ideal gifts for birthdays and Father’s Day.

Looking for more country gifts? Take a look at our range of drinkware which includes everything from hip flasks to tankards.

Country clothing accessories FAQs

Generally, bow ties tend to be worn with tuxedos and pleated shirts, however in recent years they’ve become more of a statement for originality and uniqueness, so you don’t have to be going to a ball or formal event to wear one.

Cufflinks make a wonderful gift, but they can also have a rather personal meaning. Traditionally, cufflinks are given to mark a child becoming a man, making them ideal for gifts for a University offer, getting a first job or even upon an 18th birthday.

Cufflinks are traditionally worn with French cuff shirts, but they can also be worn as a subtle style statement in any shirt that has cufflink holes or buttonholes on the bottom of the sleeve.

Ties typically come in two widths: skinny and regular. When choosing the appropriate one, we recommend considering your body type. Slimmer builds tend to suit skinnier ties best, whereas average to broad chests generally look best with a regular sized tie.

Yes, but the difference lies in the way you use it. Pocket squares are worn in the breast pocket of a jacket and are simply decorative, whereas handkerchiefs are to be kept out of sight as they’re intended for use.

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