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Discover our stunning range of drinkware, perfect for giving as gifts or for showcasing in a display cabinet. Carefully handmade by our master craftsmen and women, right here in the UK.

At Farm Cottage Brands, we believe in great quality. That’s why our range of drinkware is carefully handcrafted meaning that no two pieces are the same, making our drinkware truly memorable and a fantastic gift.

Whether you’re partial to a G & T or a glass wine, we have a wonderful selection of gin bowls and glasses available, all lovingly presented in a luxury presentation box, making them a perfect gift. If you’re looking for a matching set, we also stock the complementing hi-ball glasses, great for soft drinks and tall cocktails.

If you want to take your beverage of choice on the go, look no further than our range of hip flasks, available in a variety of styles. From elegant leather hip flasks to sets with funnels, tumblers or greeting cards, to even ones shaped like fishing reels or shotgun cartridges, you’re bound to find a stylish drinkware gift from our range. We also stock tot cups and steel tumblers, perfect for sharing a bottle while regaling your shooting tales in the field.

We haven’t forgotten the beer drinkers either and have tankards crafted from glass as well as lead free pewterware with a variety of scenes and motifs. We also stock a fantastic range of shot glasses and whisky glasses with a large range of motifs to suit all personalities as well as a great range of gifts and greetings cards to match.

Drinkware FAQs

A tumbler can be made of any material including plastic, glass, or stainless steel. It’s shorter than a standard drinking glass and has straight sides and no handle or stem.

The standard drinking glass size is considered to be eight ounces. For drinking casual beverages such as soft drinks, the common sizes are between 12 to 16 ounces.

No, hip flasks generally aren’t designed to keep hot liquids inside. Steam can build up in the flask and create pressure and the metal itself will get too hot to hold which could cause burns. Additionally, there’s a risk of damaging the hip flask itself if it’s made from soft metals such as pewter as it has a low melting point.

No, there’s no age restriction on buying alcohol paraphernalia, so you don’t need to worry if you’re buying a hip flask for a relative.

The answer to this question depends on the tankard in question, but generally tankards can hold one pint. Tankards can come in a range of capacities from as little as ¼ pint, all the way up to impressive four-pint options.

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